Address: 1067, Budapest, Lázár utca 7.
Tel: 06(70)596-6245

"HOUSE of HORROR BUDAPEST" is an interactive horror theatre, or rather a journey into the realm of darkness in the style of the American haunted house and magic castle ride.
Our aim is to create a terrifying, adrenaline-fuelled, spectacular and thrilling ride, which will leave our brave visitors, between the ages of 14 and 99, with a lasting memory.
Our "stark raving" performers await our thrill-seeking, fear-hungry visitors in an environment of unique sets and props over 500 square metres (25-30 mins), with special sound and light effects.
Are you brave enough to enter and face your fears?

New, selectable show:

  • ‎18+ show on every fridays:
    -You must be over 18 years!
    -The most frightening show

Current offer/admissions:

  • Group offer:
    1-4 people: 2.800 Ft/person
    5-9 people: 2.400 Ft/person
    10 people: 2.000 Ft/person

  • 18+ offer:
    1-4 people: 4.000 Ft/person
    5-9 people: 3.600 Ft/person
    10 people: 3.000 Ft/person

  • Student offer:
    With valid student card, min. 4 people:
    Normal show: 1.400 Ft/person

    +18 show: 2.500 Ft/person

  • Pólós belépő:
    Ticket with T-shirt:
    Adult ticket 2800 Ft+3000 Ft=5800 Ft/person
    Student ticket 1400 Ft +3000 Ft=4400 Ft/person
    (For a picture of the T-shirt click here)

Those arriving by car, please be aware that if you are unable to park in Lázár utca, you can park in the Ó utca multi-storey car park, where you will be guaranteed to find an available space for your car!